Dealing with Uncertainty

One of the things I’ve had to come to terms with as part of my journey with illness is the heightened phases of uncertainty. I can feel well when I wake up in the morning and by the afternoon be flat on my back. It makes planning ahead a real challenge, but I try not to let it hold me back. I book in appointments and social outings and hope I’ll be able to make them. If I do it’s a real sense of achievement. Psychologically it can be challenging dealing with a heightened sense of uncertainty. I’ve learnt if I focus as much as I can “in the moment” I cope much better. It’s when I start to look ahead and think “what if” or reflect back to what’s happened in the past that I start to feel a bit stressed. So when I find my mind wandering to the past or the future I make a conscious effort to remind my self to focus on the moment I’m in. It helps keep me calm and centred. Another other thing I do when I’m feeling like things are a bit out of control is to make more of an effort than usual to ensure I build some relaxing activities into my day. It may just be something as simple as reading a book in the sun on my deck, anything to help distract me from my health concerns. Also given that I’m not usually one to be short of a word, a good chat to offload about how I’m feeling often works wonders too. Thankfully I have a bunch of people in my world who are more than willing to listen when things are a bit tough. Nothing like a good chat over a cuppa with someone who lifts you up rather than drags you down. So what do you do to cope with uncertain times  i.e. when you feel like your health is a bit out of control?


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