Keep on Researching

Keep on researching about your illness, because you never know where that next pearl of hope is going to come from that’s going to take you forward on your journey. Do keep in mind that not all research is credible. For this reason I’ve come up with a bit of a checklist to help sort the good from the bad.

Is the author of the article an authority and does it list the qualifications/credentials of the author?

Is there evidence of referencing?

If it’s a piece of research, has it been peer reviewed?

When was it published? If it isn’t recent is it still relevant?

Is the article/research written objectively? Some articles can appear biased.

Can the author’s claims be backed up?

Does the information support or relate to your current understanding of the condition?

I hope this helps. Oh and another tip for finding those nuggets of health info is to make contact with other people with your condition e.g. on forums & online support groups. While everyone is different. and what works for one may not work for another, you never know what you may stumble across in making contact with others with a shared experience.




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