Health Alert!

For anyone who has been experiencing respiratory symptoms in the past week, just be aware that the recent “thunderstorm asthma” event in Victoria has been triggering not only asthma attacks but other symptoms as well. I’ve been battling a virus for the past 6 weeks and about a week ago started to present with whooping cough like symptoms and excessive production of fluid in the lungs. I initially didn’t make the connection because I wasn’t experiencing asthma attacks. Thankfully I was rescued by my GP who made the connection.. Thoughts and prayers go out to the people who have lost their lives as a result of this freak event and their families..

Take home message: Trust your gut instinct. I knew something wasn’t right with my health and I needed to get checked out by my GP.. So thankful I didn’t ignore the warning signs and assume my symptoms were just a result of the virus or my lung condition. My outcome could’ve otherwise been very different.


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