Daily Archives: August 9, 2017

Changing Your Story

It’s eight years in on my journey with lung disease and I’ve finally worked out what the key to health for me finally is. While I still believe there is no single recipe for health, there is one key ingredient that I think is a foundation from which to build. It’s about having the right mind-set. For years I was working hard on my health, following a recipe I’d devised for myself (see pic) and despite ticking all the boxes my health was deteriorating.

I knew I was missing something. About ten months ago my cousin asked me to be a client case study for a therapy she was practising. It’s called Rapid Transformational Therapy which as I understand it combines elements of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. I was at a point where I was keen to try something new, as I was baffled as to why with all the effort I was putting in my health wasn’t improving. I went into it with an open mind, because as far as I was concerned I had everything to gain and nothing to lose. For those of you who’ve never tried hypnosis before, despite what you may have seen on TV shows you don’t hand over control to the person hypnotising you. You are still in control but simply put into a relaxed suggestible state that can tap into your subconscious mind. I’d have to say it’s the most relaxed I’ve ever felt doing any type of therapy. I’ve done a few sessions over a number of months and I feel like I am gradually peeling away layers of emotional baggage that have no doubt been affecting my health. After the first session my cousin made up some healing audio specifically for my health, that I can listen to on a daily basis to help reprogram my subconscious mind or as I like to say to change the story in my mind about my health. You see I’d been programmed to think that my health is a ticking time bomb and I would have a significantly shortened lifespan. Thankfully now after daily repetition of the healing audio, and some more RTT hypnosis sessions with my cousin I have realised my mind’s story has changed. Although I don’t have anything measurable to prove that my health is improving I can feel the difference. I no longer have the previously held limiting beliefs. The truth is none of us have certainty in life and no one knows my outcome. I choose to focus on the positive, and now don’t just believe better health is possible…..i know it. Despite having little measurable benefits I am excited to report that I am experiencing longer periods of time free of viruses. I haven’t cultured any nasty CF bugs for the past eleven months which is a record for me. I’ve noticed in the past year that when I have caught a virus it hasn’t resulted in a bacterial flare up, as it has in the past and the best news is that I’ve had no hospital admissions this year. By this time last year I’d already had four hospital admissions. This is a major win for me. I also feel like all the other parts of my health plan are having a greater impact. It’s hard to explain but now that I have a good mindset the rest of my plan is benefiting me so much more.

So where to from here. I feel like I’m only scratching the surface of possibilities for my health. I’m planning to continue with daily self-hypnosis sessions, writing daily positive affirmations and continue with the rest of my health routine including exercise, nebulisers, supplements and lots of healthy food!

The take home message is if you don’t like your story then do what you can to change it. You might be surprised like I was about what is possible.