Jane O’Brien       Jane O'Brien

Patient Teaching Associate & Advocate          Health Spokesperson        Exercise Scientist

Jane is available for media comment and speaking engagements on the following topics:

1. What Patients Want

For the past ten years Jane has worked at some of Melbourne’s universities as a Patient Teaching Associate, sharing her experience as a patient and extensive health knowledge to educate trainee doctors and allied health professionals about what patients want for their healthcare.

Some of the topics Jane talks about include:

  • Good medicine….so much more than writing prescriptions
  • A Patient’s need to be heard
  • Patient centred health management…..not a passenger in health care but a co-driver
  • The power of empathy and support
  • The benefits of personalised medicine

 2. Winning with Illness

According to the latest figures from the department of health approximately 50% of the Australian population are living with at least one chronic illness.  This makes this issue relevant to many.

Having first hand experience of what it’s like to live with two chronic life threatening illnesses, Jane hopes her story and lessons will encourage others to live the best possible life despite their illness. Her motto is “Don’t let illness define you but rise above it and live” One of her key messages is that “winning with illness is about equipping yourself well for the journey and adopting the right mind-set”

Some of the topics Jane talks about include:

*Coming to terms with illness

*Embracing a new normal

*Having the right support

*Key ingredients of a good health plan

*Good medicine – more than just popping pills

*Staying Connected

*Coping with uncertainty

Jane is also available to comment for media stories related to:

  • A patient’s perspective on Personalised Medicine
  • Living with the reality of antibiotic resistance
  • Living with the reality of an invisible illness

Enquiries via janeob1970@bigpond.com

Jane has over 20 years experience working in the health/fitness industry. For more information about her professional experience go to:  https://janeslightbulbmoments.com/about

For more information about Jane’s health journey go to: https://www.facebook.com/janeslightbulbmoments/

A sample of Jane’s work including radio audio, articles and press releases can be viewed at  https://janeslightbulbmoments.com/portfolio/